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Automated Environmental Monitoring Networks


GPRS Internet data logger for (ground) water level and conductivity



Near field radio data logger for (ground) waterlevels



Sensormanager app

App for iPhone, iPad and Android: Stay up to date at any time!

Installation in the field

Hardware installation in the field: Just one of our services.


Temperature measuring chains with up to 30 thermistors (PT1000) for datalogger Aquatos Web and Aquatos Mini. Applications include cooling towers, geothermal boreholes, temperature profiles in lakes and groundwater and permafrost monitoring. Click here for more details.

Former city archive in Cologne

Online groundwater level monitoring in cooperation mit DMT.

Rhine falls in Schaffhausen (CH)

New web based level logger as real time citizen portal.

Radar based online level measurement

Online radar level logger mith triple redundancy concept.

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Marcel Delker

CEO, Dipl.-Geogr.




TerraTransfer develops and distributes measurement systems for real-time monitoring of environmental data through the Internet. The main focus is on groundwater and  water level monitoring, climatology and soil science. All live data is available in real time through a browser, apps (iOS, i-Phonei-Pad) and SmartCloud.

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